Arete Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Malta is proud to be part of the Cicero Costha PSLPB affilitation , one of the most hard-working and winning team of this era, Cicero Costha has produced World BJJ Champions like Leandro Lo, Paulo Miyao, Joao Miyao, Thalison Soares… he visits his affiliations at least once a year

+356 77 068 317 20 C.Mallia, San Gwann
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About Arete ?

We are the fastest growing martial arts academy in Malta, teaching classes to both adults and children. You can find us at 20 C.Mallia, San Gwann – Our doors are always open!

Arete Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Malta is proud to be part of Cicero Costha PSLPB (Projeto Social Lutando pelo Bem), one of the most hard-working and winning teams of this era with branches all over the world. Cicero Costha leads the head quarter in Ipiranga, Sao Paulo in Brazil and under his tuition stem world BJJ Champions like Leandro Lo, the Miyao brothers and Thalison Soares.

Cicero visits his Malta affiliation at least once a year.


The PSLPB is not only a great team but also a social project that enables underprivileged youths to live and train at the head quarter and hopefully become new world champions in BJJ. Everytime Cicero comes to visit us, we collect money that will directly benefit this project.


When you join us for the first time, here are a few tips to ensure you have a smooth and awesome first session:

  • Be on time! Come to the venue at least 10 minutes before the class starts to get dressed
  • Cut your nails! Cut your nails every time before coming to the class!
  • Bring your own bottle of water or feel free to buy one from our fridge
  • For no-gi, wear shorts and a t-shirt or rash guard.
  • For gi, bring your own gi or ask in advance if we have one we can lend you
  • If you intend to spar, please bring a mouth-guard
  • Be open-minded and enjoy yourself! As with all experiences, it is what you make of it.

For more information, best to drop in shortly before our classes (someone will be around up to 30 minutes before) or simply write us an email: