Andy Acuff visiting Arete BJJ Malta

By Arete BJJ Malta,

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Archived blog post from old website

One of our goals for this year is to get at least four black belts teach us new tricks. This week we had a first ever Black Belt visiting us  – Andy Acuff.

Andy contacted me a few days ago and asked to come and train with us. Andy is backpacking in Europe. He  found us through Bjj globetrotters -site and decided to start his backpacking trip from Malta.

And taught a great class for us. Lots of sweet new techniques, hard training but still fun. Andy is a great guy and excellent teacher. If you want to have a black belt paying a visit, I recommend contacting Andy.

It was fun to see that everyone was training really hard on Andy’s class. It always brings nice extra spice to the classes when we have some visitors training with us. We really wish that more people will find us in the future.

Are you travelling in Europe and want to train some Bjj? Come to Malta!

We are so happy to have people visiting and training with us. We have awesome group of regulars and travellers, who seem to stop by here more and more. If you are thinking about coming to Malta and want to train, than please contact us! We always give travellers one week of free training! If you are thinking about staying longer, talk to us! We will figure something out!

Ps: You don’t need to be a Black Belt. You don’t even need to have a belt. We accept everyone regardless of their affiliation and / or skill level. Everyone is welcome!

Pss: If you don’t have a gi with you, we have few spare one, which we can borrow 🙂