Berserking is a BIG NO NO!

By Arete BJJ Malta,

  Category: Training

Archived blog post from old website

I thought that warriors of this kind were long gone. But so it happens I have found a few
from the magnificent Malta! It’s very natural when you’re in the middle of something new and adrenaline is running
like a wombat. It’s easy to fall into the darkness of berserking. Adrenaline rush might make you feel stronger
but in the game of skill it doesn’t have the lead role of the play.

What does it actually mean when someone’s berserking? Legendary Manga series and a hit songĀ of Detroit’s most famous rapper have been named after the B word that we’re trying to eliminate here. This needs to be stated so that all the future berserkers take things a bit lighter.
Possibly leads the much needed focus on the relevant things such as skill and perhaps breathing.

The Ethymology of the word “Berserk” goes back to somewhere in the ancient Scandinavia.It was used to describe warriors who fought with an insane beast mode, dressed as bears no matter the consequenses.
Legend has it that these daredevils and the whole way of doing things like a berserk were made illegal in Iceland some thousand years ago. Crazy axe fighting with hallucinative substances sounds pretty vicious!
As it was made illegal centuries ago I can only hope that we follow that particular law nowadays as well at least in our gym!

The game of BJJ is about constant learning. No shit Sherlock? Yes, that’s the shit you also easily forget.
Because learning is exactly what you’re missing when you put all the effort to mindless squeezing and drooling.
You don’t think anything. The Brain loses its purpose which is bad since it’s the most important asset you have.
After the class that you’ve spent using all the powers you ever had, for a couple of days you’ll be amazed how much aching and pain there can be.
I know this from my own experience. In the first months of BJJ I had to take quite a few pain killers because of that. It’s better to start building the basic skill set step by step. Learn the lesson and come
back next time. Always more and more prepared. Baby steps. If it was easy who the hell would be interested?

All in all: Hildebart and / or Herbert do not Berserk!

…And come roll with us to the most friendly BJJ Gym in the Mediterranean whenever you wish!
How do I know it’s the friendliest? We had Arete BJJ Malta’s 1-year birthday BBQ party (watch video) on a rocky beach few weeks back and our head teacher listed berserking as his only food
allergy and still I’ve never been turned back from the Gym’s door. HAH!

Yours sincerely and Berserk free,

Tommy F. Hooha
“True stories about BJJ life in Malta written by a well-mannered Finnish expat who believes that tomorrow’s always better than yesterday and Predator is the best movie ever.”