We have big announcements for Arete BJJ Malta – Relocation!

By Arete BJJ Malta,

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Arete BJJ is moving from Gzira to Paceville

This is a special notice for all students and parents at our club, we’ve got a couple points to discuss with you. In a nutshell – we are moving from Manoel De Vilhena Street Gzira to St Georges Park, Paceville. We are also making some changes to our curriculum and this is a big leap forward for the future of Arete BJJ Malta. Let’s get into it.

Our story until now

Arete Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was founded in 2016 for one simple reason. Malta is beautiful island to visit and reside in, but we noticed that the BJJ scene here was relatively small compared to other countries. Some of the most populated areas of the island, St Julian’s, Sliema and Gzira were lacking from not having a BJJ club nearby to train at (granted, everything is nearby in Malta BUT it can be very difficult using public transport).

Our Gzira club began as a small project, we initially had three or four students but everyone was highly passionate about wanting to learn. We worked hard to make our academy somewhere which attracted students to regularly come and spend their free time bonding and rolling together.

Fast forward to early 2018 and we now have anywhere between 20-30 regular students and we have seen over 20 nationalities walk through our doors as travellers enjoy visiting us from abroad. The club we share has grown phenomenally in such a short space of time, so for this, we say THANK YOU! It has been incredible.

A new location to facilitate a growing academy

Until now, we’ve be co-leasing our current venue from our Muay Thai friends as we needed to start off small and we were not able to fund our own gym. Due to student growth, we have a new set of requirements and we know it’s something many of you have been thinking about for a while now. Over the last few months, we have been scouting potential facilities to move into, and we had a number of criteria to meet.

  1. It needed to be central. We want all existing students to be able to easily get to our new club using the existing transport systems they’ve grown accustomed to.
  2. We needed more control, so we could improve our class times and pricing.
  3. We also needed a place that could accommodate more students, we don’t like when people have to take it in turns to roll and we want out students to gain the most out of their time with us
  4. We wanted to install our own BJJ mats, so we could properly develop our wrestling and No-Gi skills in a safer environment, so the new club had to be bigger!
  5. Lastly, we required showers, locker rooms and better seating at the new facility.

After many meetings and a lot of digging about, we found a venue which met all of the criteria above! It is located by St Georges Beach, Paceville and the premises is one which we will share with Challenger Gym where some of you might have worked out at before. Without giving too many details at this stage, we aim to move early May but the date is to be announced. We humbly apologise if this relocation causes you any inconvenience, however we believe it will vastly improve the Arete BJJ experience for all our members. We have established ourselves as the fastest growing martial arts club in Malta and we don’t want to be limited due to club capacity as this was something we could fix, and we now have the solution!

Beginner’s course changes, preparing you properly

In 2016, BJJ was still in its grassroots on the island. Most of our students had little to no previous experience before signing up. It was therefore highly necessary to run beginner’s classes every single week because that’s how often someone new joined.

After our relocation, we will make a fundamental change to our current system for training beginners. Instead of running classes week in, week out, we are developing a four-week tailored course which we will run once every three months. This course aims to take someone with no experience, through every fundamental position and basic point of theory so that they can join the regular classes with a solid understanding of the sport.

We believe that investing in good beginner’s programme improves the training for everybody, and it is so important that (especially) when you’re starting out, you get the right kind of advice and guidance. Like the relocation, there will be more to come regarding this beginner’s course so stay posted.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, we want to help you become fully informed so feel free to head over to our contact page. Oss!