Travel to Malta and train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with us!

We welcome everyone regardless of affiliation or skill level

Are you traveling to Malta?

Looking for a place to train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

Come and meet us!

We are affiliated with BJJ Globetrotters

You get to train 1 week for free!

Yes! This is our gift back to the community! I have traveled and trained in multiple different countries, and the hospitality has been fantastic!

Just let us know when you are coming in!

How much do I have to pay after the free week?

Here’s the thing, we don’t have fixed pricing set up for travelers, instead we want to believe the goodness in people, so you can decide how much you want to pay for us if you’re staying longer than 1 week with us

No donation is too little, we’re trying to build here something completely out of the norm, so please help us keep the lights on.

Places to Visit in Malta

As we always receive a lot of questions about food, drinks, beaches or places to visit, we decided to create a map where we include everything from bars&restaurants to beaches and historical sites. The map is still work in progress, but we will update the map constantly for new places to visit.

Click from the upper right corner to see the full version of the map.

Who can train with us?

We accept anyone regardless of affiliation or skill level! Just show up!
We do have something special for higher belts…keep reading.

Purple and Brown Belts! Show us some techniques!

If you are a purple or a brown belt, we would love if you can teach us class or two! If you are looking to staying longer than 1 week in Malta, we can cut a deal for you – if you teach 1 class each week, you can keep training for free as long as you stay!

Black Belts – Interested teaching a seminar for us and earning some money?


If you are a Black Belt traveling in Europe, we might be interested getting a seminar from you!

Here’s how it  works:

  • We will support financially you with flights, but this is evaluated case by case -basis.
    • We are not flying people outside of Europe, it is just too expensive for us right now.
    • If we decide to fly you here, we will reimburse flights to you, once you have arrived in Malta.
    • Unfortunately, we have budget limitations, so we can’t fly everyone here.
  • We won’t reimburse accommodation for you. In case you’re tight with money, I have a comfortable couch which accommodates 1 person. 🙂
  • If you are interested, leave a message below. Tell little bit about your jiu-jitsu background, where are you from, how much you charge from a seminar

We will promote you on our blog

With your permission, we’ll publish a blog post about your seminar on our website. We will include a link to your academy website or to your personal blog. We have expertise in online marketing, and we do want to help black belts to market themselves.

Travel to Malta and come train with us!

Leave a message below when you are coming here.

Just say hi to us! Or tell us little bit about you, where you from, how long you’re staying and when would you like to come and train with us 🙂

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