BJJ Gi materials explained

By Arete BJJ Malta,

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There’s a broad range of materials to choose from when buying a BJJ gi from BJJFightGear, not to mention plenty of debate about what the best material is to use. It can, therefore, be confusing to decide which gi material to go to. When choosing which material, it’s worth considering your budget, what stage of training you are at and if you intend to compete a lot. Gi’s can range in price from under €100 all the way up to a few hundred. Knowing the benefits of each material can help you to choose how much to invest.

These are the main types of gi material

Single Weave – A light and smooth weave

It is relatively inexpensive, and the material is light and airy for the summer months. This weave is useful for beginners, owing to the ease of grip on it, meaning it forces the wearer into having to practice on grip breaking and escape.
Its light weight makes it useful in competitions when you’re close to the weight limit.

Does not wear well.

3 Example brands that use single weave material in their BJJ kimonos


Prices starting from 75€

Fuji Sports

Prices starting from 89.95€

Double Weave – A thicker weave, ideal for durability

It’s thick, durable and lasts much longer than a single weave.
It makes gripping tough, which can cause frustration to your opponent.

It’s cumbersome and doesn’t allow you much room to breathe.
The weight of the gi can slow you down, giving you less room for maneuver.

Example brands that use double weave material in their BJJ kimonos


Prices starting from 75€

Gold Weave – A combination of single and double weave, with greater scope for top level performance

This weave is a hybrid of the single and double weave allowing for durability without slowing down performance.
It can cause issues for opponents trying to grip,
particularly useful if you intend to compete a lot.

Higher cost reflected in its enhanced performance capabilities.
Probably an unnecessary cost if just beginning to learn.

Example brands that use double weave material in their BJJ kimonos

Ground Game

Prices starting from 74.95€

Pearl Weave – A Soft, light and Durable Weave

Like the Gold weave, the Pearl Weave combines flexibility with strength and durability.
Its softness and light weight usually makes it the most comfortable to wear.
It is gaining popularity amongst competitors due to its combination of lightness and durability.
It has a distinctive and attractive ‘pearlike’ appearance.
This allows for freedom of movement while being light and airy.
Minimal shrinkage due to the tightness of the weave.

Like the Gold Weave, there is a higher cost associated with this weave.

There are other ultra-lightweight gi’s out there, such as the ripstop weave, which is especially great if you are training or competing in extreme conditions, however not recommended for general use.

3 examples of BJJ Kimono brands that offer Pearl Weave


Prices starting from 86€


Prices starting from 114.95€


Prices starting from 80€

Which should you choose?

For those just beginning, a single weave might be adequate. However, you will soon find that as you train more heavily and start to compete, it’s worth considering a higher quality gi which gives you greater freedom and functionality.

For this reason, I would recommend the Pearl Weave. It edges out the Gold Weave in comfort, style, and performance, offering you an attractive design that’s sturdy and durable. For the competition, it’s hard to find a weave that’s superior.

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