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Safety first, Homie!

Most of the fatal accidents occur at home. Most of the good stuff in life happen in BJJ. This time the most awesome martial arts blog digs into the essential protective equipment needed in Jiu-Jitsu. Although it's an art form where combatants don't try to obliterate...

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Choke -seminar by AJ Albert, 7th of October

Saturday, 7th of October we will have a seminar hosted by AJ Albert from Irvine, California. Who is Aj Albert A.J. Albert is a first-degree black belt from California under Tim Cartmell. He has studied various martial arts and began his training in Muay Thai, Jeet Kun...

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Tap out before you pass out.

The last post was about berserking as a dreadful way of life and how it just shouldn’t be your cup of tea. Emphasis is this time very much related to the previous topic: the importance of tap out. Tap out is something you might forget to do before it’s too late or...

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Berserking is a BIG NO NO!

I thought that warriors of this kind were long gone. But so it happens I have found a few from the magnificent Malta! It's very natural when you're in the middle of something new and adrenaline is running like a wombat. It's easy to fall into the darkness of...

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Weekly beginners classes starting from 2nd of May

As our members are growing all the time and we want to cater all the skill levels, we decided to start weekly beginners classes. Classes will be run on Tuesdays (8 pm - 9 pm) and on Thursdays (6.30 pm - 7.30pm). These classes are NoGi -Classes, so you won't be needing...

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Arete BJJ GI patches available

We just received our first set of Gi patches. The patches are embroidered and only available in white. The price per patch is 20€, BUT the price includes a sticker version of the patch. You can get one from the gym.

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Video: Beginner’s Course Finale – March 2017

Yesterday we had the last session of the beginner's course. This was the first time when the beginners and the advanced guys trained together. We decided to threw a bit special sessions for the new guys. The session was a ton of fun. You can check out the recap video...

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BJJ Gi materials explained

There’s a broad range of materials to choose from when buying a BJJ gi from BJJFightGear, not to mention plenty of debate about what the best material is to use. It can, therefore, be confusing to decide which gi material to go to. When choosing which material, it’s...

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Andy Acuff visiting Arete BJJ Malta

One of our goals for this year is to get at least four black belts teach us new tricks. This week we had a first ever Black Belt visiting us  - Andy Acuff. Andy contacted me a few days ago and asked to come and train with us. Andy is backpacking in Europe. He  found...

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Black Belt Visitor vol. 1 – Andy Acuff 26th of January

Andy is the second one from right We are extremely happy to announce, that we will finally have first Black Belt visiting - Andy Acuff from US. Andy got his black belt from Jeremy Akin at Brentwood Bjj. Andy has been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu over 10 years and...

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The Meaning Of The Word Arete

Arête means virtue or excellence, it is a trait that distinguishes people and makes them outstanding. It is someone who reaches their true potential and then they stand above the rest, because of their commitment and drive. It is also merit in any form or endeavor....

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