Arete Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Malta is proud to be part of the Cicero Costha PSLPB affilitation , one of the most hard-working and winning team of this era, Cicero Costha has produced World BJJ Champions like Leandro Lo, Paulo Miyao, Joao Miyao, Thalison Soares… he visits his affiliations at least once a year

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Children’s BJJ 5-11 years old

Children's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Malta

A fun and productive way for your child to spend their time, learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!

You asked for it, so we delivered. Arete now runs the only Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class tailored for children between 5 and 11 years old in Malta!

What did we consider when developing this class?

Why do children love sports? How do you keep children focused on tasks? How should our instructors teach discipline whilst keeping things enjoyable? Coach Antti had prior experience teaching children in Finland, so we decided to jump right in, and the students are loving it so far. Another one of our instructors, Sean, brings his daughter to these classes, so we get first-hand feedback we can count on. This course is new, it’s fresh and we are improving it every time we teach!

Why do children enjoy Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

Unlike most martial arts, there is no striking (punching and kicking) in this sport. Instead, your child will get to grapple using movement and rewarding techniques which are competitive, active and safe to practice. BJJ is frequently referred to as human chess, it’s not about size or strength, rather, it requires simple dedication and brain-power. Children who train stay happy and healthy, and they learn to respect themselves and their training partners. These skills build character which is often reflected in their attitudes off the mats and at home! There is, of course, the added bonus that children can absorb information and complex ideas significantly faster than adults; we believe kid’s developing brains should be challenged in order to grow to their full potential!

Practical information: it’s very easy for your child to begin!

  • Children need only bring water, a t-shirt and shorts or leggings and a mouth guard (don’t be alarmed by the mouth-guard, it’s just in-case there are accidents, just like any other sport).
  • When they become immersed in the sport, talk to the instructors about upgrading them to the gi (the traditional BJJ outfit which allows a host of new techniques to be practiced.)
  • You can find prices for the classes here
  • Training times can be found at here

Invest in your child’s future, contact us today to get them started!

For more information, please email us: [email protected]

You can also use the contact form provided here. If you don’t feel like typing, call us at +356 99 63 8111.

We look forward to welcoming you to our club, and may your child enjoy their epic experience!