Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for 5-12 year old kids

Every Wednesday from 17.30 - 18.30


Kids classes will resume on 6th of September!

We’ve received quite a few inquiries for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for children.
We are pleased to announce, that we are starting program tailored for children.

Since Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is quite new in Malta, we’re looking to do a 1 class/week.
If the classes generate wider interest, we will consider adding more weekly classes.


Antti Alatalo and Sean Chircop will be teaching the classes.
Antti has previous experience teaching Jiu-Jitsu for kids in Finland.
Sean is actively training jiu-jitsu and his daughter is taking part of the kid’s classes.



We are centrally located in Gzira, near the church.


Content of the classes

Classes are taught in English.

Classes are a mixture of series of movement exercises that will improve balance, flexibility, and strength. Warm ups are planned in a way, that kids have to work together. In essence, warm ups combine physical activity and problem-solving.

What is needed for the classes?

For the first 4 weeks of training, t-shirt, shorts, and bottle of water.
After the 4 weeks.

Is kimono required?

The child can start wearing kimono after training 4 weeks.

Where can I get a kimono for my kid?

You can’t buy kimonos locally, but there is an e-commerce site that delivers Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gear to Malta. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu kimonos are very durable, they can easily last 5 years, even with hardcore use. You can check out their collection from the link below BjjFightGear Make sure that you buy a white belt with the kimono.

Read more
BJJ Kimonos for kids

Practicing jiu-jitsu techniques

Next portion is the technique part of the class. Children are taught a new technique each class. There will be only two submissions that children are allowed to practice is the armbar and the triangle choke. However, it is worth mentioning that submissions represent only a fraction of the techniques.



There will be light sparring involved. Sparring is happening under the supervision of the instructor.


Cooldown / playtime

The last part of the class is something fun and playful. There will be some fun activity involved at the end of each class, i.e. dodgeball


The first class is on Wednesday, 6th of September 2017
Duration of the class is 60 minutes, from 17.30 – 18.30

If you miss the first class, you can still join later on. Classes are running on weekly basis same time and in the same place. 
The classes are tailored in a way that it doesn’t matter if you miss the first five classes. 


1 session 10€
8 sessions 50€ (valid 3 months.)

If you are thinking about joining the class, please email us before hand 🙂

Send me an email


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