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Beginner’s Course, 18th September - 11th October.

Join us and learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in a dedicated beginner's environment promoting safe learning, growth and a friendly introduction to the sport!

Beginner's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Course Malta

Are you looking to learn BJJ in Malta but you don’t know where to begin?

We will be running a four week beginner’s course which has been designed to introduce you to the sport in a clear, friendly and welcoming way. We used to run beginner’s classes every week so students would learn piece by piece depending on the topic being covered that day. Whereas this is the standard convention for beginners and is the way most of us picked up the ropes, we’ve found that if you structure a course with a clearer learning path and students begin on the same date, it can be much quicker and easier to understand what’s going on. Also, one of the most fascinating and exciting aspects of BJJ is submissions and sparring however it’s basically impossible to efficiently do either if you don’t have a solid understanding of the basic positions such as mount, side control, guard and backmount.

Therefore, we created this beginner’s course to teach you the basic positions, the must-have theory and simple strategies for increasing your knowledge of the sport in the shortest amount of time possible. After this course, you’ll feel fully comfortable jumping into any BJJ class knowing you have the right framework and approach on how to maximise your training from the get go.

BJJ is all about efficiency, strategy and precision.

The martial art was designed for anybody, regardless of gender, size and strength to be able to defend themselves by leveraging ground control locks and holds to stop an aggresor. It is a highly active sport which is going to make you sweat a lot however it is NOT about exerting strength. Practioners who rely on strength often do so because they do not understand the principles of control. This beginner’s course is going to get you in the correct mind set for success on the mats.

On this course, we are going to answer many common and not-so-common questions such as:

  • How should you start a round of sparring?
  • How can you escape from dominant positions?
  • What’s the best techniques for fighting a larger opponent?
  • What’s the best grips to use to control my opponent?
  • What are some easy and reliable takedowns, sweeps and submissions?
  • What moves are illegal and why?
  • How do I use the gi to my advantage?
  • What does these BJJ terms mean?

Our course will mainly cover these four crucial areas.


GUARD - What is the guard? Fighting off your back versus passing on your feet. Guard retention. Grips and sweeps. Triangle choke.


SIDE CONTROL - What is side control? How do you get to side-control? How do you escape side-control? Progressing to mount. Kimura and Americana submissions.


MOUNT - What is the mount? How to use your weight effectively. How to keep your chest down. Moving to high-mount. Armbar submission.


BACK MOUNT - Why is back mount such a strong position? How to defend against the rear-naked choke. Always put the hooks in.

You don’t need any special gear to start. Here’s the list of things you need to bring.

  • T-shirt (please make sure there are no buttons or zippers)
  • Shorts (same as above)
  • Cut your nails
  • Bottle of water
  • Sweat Towel.

"I am a shark, the ground is my ocean, and most people don’t know how to swim." ~ Jean Jacques Machado

Our four week beginner’s course is 40 euros for 8 classes

Introduce yourself to BJJ in a structured way

Learn the basics in a safe environment

Quickly build fitness and get in shape

Become an Arete team member

Classes are Tuesdays and Thursdays 7.30pm - 8.30pm

Course commences September 18th, Contact us to sign up today!