Tap out before you pass out.

By Arete BJJ Malta,

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Archived blog post from old aretemalta.com website

The last post was about berserking as a dreadful way of life and how it just shouldn’t be your cup of tea. Emphasis is this time very much related to the previous topic: the importance of tap out.

Tap out is something you might forget to do before it’s too late or something you might not want to do during the moment it’s essential. Pain is nice and limbs are flexible… to a certain point. Yes, there are plenty of escape plans in this game but one must know one’s limits and skills. It’s a combat sport and the gentle art but there’s naturally some risks involved. You get trapped badly to an unbearable situation -you tap. Simple. The situation at hand can be rehearsed later and with increased knowledge you’ll be able to perform better. The other option is that you’ll end up like Richter in Total Recall.

My personal never-ending mistake history has one incident that was horrendous only because I was too stubborn. Rolling with a guy who locked an armbar on me. I remembered one escape and started making it happen. Well I was doing it wrong while my entire arm was twisting into bad position. In the end, some weird noises coming from inside the bone I finally shouted “whoa!” I assumed something that I couldn’t handle. Like the old saying has it, best not to assume things in life. X-ray results didn’t show anything abnormal. Arm was aching and tender for many weeks. I’m a very fortunate man.

Even though immortal, it’s a fact that even Chuck Norris has had to tap out. Against two gods of war while having a nightmare. You’re not Chuck. And yes, he has a black belt in BJJ among other belts.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say proper farewell and thank you to the fine gentleman Gabriel M. He’s the guy in the middle of this picture having still water in his wine glass. Brother’s been teaching class every month since I started last year and still amazingly managed to finalize his paper for the Uni. I have no doubts he will make America great again or at least save the manatees in the Everglades. May the waters of the life be trouble free and may the man remain disease free too. We will always remember this dude as the best Gabriel from Florida that we know of. We will miss you, brother. Salute!

Beer tap regards,

Tommy F. Hooha
“True stories about BJJ life in Malta written by a well-mannered Finnish expat who believes that tomorrow’s always better than yesterday and Predator is the best movie ever.”