Safety first, Homie!

By Arete BJJ Malta,

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Archived blog post from old website

Most of the fatal accidents occur at home. Most of the good stuff in life happen in BJJ. This time the most awesome martial arts blog digs into the essential protective equipment needed in Jiu-Jitsu. Although it’s an art form where combatants don’t try to obliterate opponents like Mike Tyson there are reasons why you still want to protect your precious teeth and jaw.

Facts of life: when it comes to regular sparring a mouthguard is a must. You see a lot of beginners rolling without the mouthguard as it was something too expensive or irrelevant to have. Surely nobody wants to look like an old school NHL ice hockey player unless having the same paycheck. I also used to roll without a mouthguard and one time while rolling I got accidentally kicked in the head by other duo next to me. So basically an incident I could in no way be prepared. Knocked out and having a black eye must consider myself lucky. Had the leg come a bit lower I would be a toothless hobo now.

At first I also tried to go low budget and bought the cheapest one I found from random sports store. It gave protection yes but as it was too big I couldn’t breath properly while having it in my mouth. Just order yours from a proper store. 15€ is a small amount for a piece of mind. Unless you want to end up picking pieces of bone from the mats.

Worth mentioning this time is also the debate of under armour. The BJJ competition rules have banned those so if you ever decide to compete in any level you might as well train without genital protection at all times. Bad for the one’s you roll with and will also hurt yourself. For example, a sliding knee coming from the side of your inner thigh will give a guaranteed torture experience. A little pain sometimes comes with the territory but really, these so called dick shields are useful only while performing an insane stunt like this

Winter is coming but here in Malta we can still jump into the Mediterranean sea that has temperature of solid 25. Sun is shining and life is good. Hop on a plane and come rolling with us! We are also still very nice and decent people too.

Safe and sound like always,
Tommy F. Hooha