Summer 2018 – Kids class goes to summer break + from Gi to NoGi

By Arete Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Malta,

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Summer is coming fast to Malta. The weather is getting warmer and it is time to change our training from a bit.


For Adults

  • There has been a bit confusing regarding the training times, thus from here on out – all the classes will be starting at 7.30m and will finish at 9.30pm. Please see the schedule page for schedule
  • During the summer the majority of the classes will be NoGi -classes. We will have one Gi-class (by Rafael) on Wednesdays.
  • All levels are welcome to join the NoGi -classes.
  • All the changes will be effective from 4th of June.
  • Our team is turning 2 years old this July, so we will throw a summer party on 7th of July. Stay tuned for more information.


  • Kids classes will be on a summer break from 4th of July and will resume again from 5th of September.