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I was in Malta for a week checking out the 5000+ years of history the islands have to offer, and as usual wanted to train while I was on the road. I found Arete BJJ through the BJJ Globetrotters community, sent Antti a message, and then showed up with gi in hand the next day.

There’s a great DIY feel about Arete that harkens back to the old stories you heard about Rickson, Rorion, Chris Haueter, and other early pioneers of BJJ training out of garages and storage spaces or just wherever they could throw down a few mats for an evening. In addition, there is a noticeably international vibe on the mats – people from Germany, Finland, Ireland, Poland, the UK, the US, Italy, Switzerland, and of course Malta itself, all drawn together by the love of BJJ and a desire to learn and share knowledge with whoever drops by.

I trained there twice during my week in Malta, and I would definitely recommend it to any traveler who’s looking for a place to slap hands and get a few rounds in on the southernmost edge of Europe.

Ruadhán Mac Fadden


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