The Meaning Of The Word Arete

By Arete BJJ Malta,

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Archived blog post from old website

Arête means virtue or excellence, it is a trait that distinguishes people and makes them outstanding. It is someone who reaches their true potential and then they stand above the rest, because of their commitment and drive. It is also merit in any form or endeavor. Searching to be the best that you can be.

For some people it is the fulfillment of their pursuit of distinction in life. It is living to accomplish the true potential within and letting go of stifling boundaries. It is very common in athletes who are always rising above challenges.

Homer, the famous Greek writer, defines arête in his famous poem ’The Iliad” as the excellence that characterizes some men and women. He enumerates different standards, on which they can be judged and declared as in the pursuit of greatness.

According to Homer, people can be judged for their achievements in different areas, such as being successful, planning ahead, being conscientious, and communicating effectively. In social relationships, Homer’s definition of arête refers to respecting friendship, showing mercy and guidance to others, having morals, and caring for one another.

Those who make a difference take excellence as a creed. They work for it, sweat for it and suffer for it. Nothing in life that is easy, is really worthwhile. Any worthy goal needs to be earned.

The arête factor is only found in humans who strive to excel in every aspect of their lives; people who go beyond the common and achieve greatness because they are limitless. Boundaries are made for them to breakthrough. They are identified because they stand out from the crowds and their achievements are spectacular.

It is the ingredient with which heroes are made, how they show they are more honorable and excellent. It is achieving the highest human potential, which a person can aspire to, to beat the odds and to find merit in every action that is taken.

Those who achieve arête accomplish great things; they are the movers and leaders of the world.

These are goals we as a gym want to work towards and stand for. We offer our members excellence because we believe that within a fit body is a strategic brain that works on every aspect of the self. You need to train and to work to set your goals and reach them. Training not only makes your body stronger, it also makes your mind sharp.