Torino Jiu Jitsu challenge 2017 – Arete BJJ takes gold from NoGi

By Arete BJJ Malta,

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Archived blog post from old website

Torino Jiu Jitsu Challenge went down on 5th and 6th of March 2017. The tournament had both Gi & NoGi divisions.

Two warriors from Arete traveled to Torino to compete – Antti and Gabriel, who both are the instructors of Arete Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Malta. Guys Also shot a Vlog from the trip, you can see the Vlogs below.

Results from the Gi tournament

Both guys won their first matches. Gabriel won by a triangle choke and Antti won his by 5 points.

On the second round, Antti was caught in an arm bar and was forced to tap out.
Gabriel, on the other hand was caught in a triangle choke and lost his match.

Even though the guys lost in the GI, they still got lots of valuable experience. Check out the travel log from the first day below.

Results from the NoGi tournament

Gabriel decided not take part of the NoGi tournament so Antti was left alone to represent the team in the NoGi.

Antti’s first opponent was a person called David, who beat Antti day before in the Gi tournament. Antti and David had a tough match, but the match ended up Antti’s favor.

Antti had two more matches, which he won and as a result, Antti ended up taking the first-ever gold medal for Arete. Check out the Vlog from Day 2 below

Check the Vlog from day 2 below.

Full matches

Below you can find the all the matches we caught on tape from the tournament.

Arete crew targeting tournament in Firenze.

The preparations for the next tournament has already started. Arete crew will fly to Italian BJJ Open, which is happening on 10th & 11th of June in Firenze. According to the locals, Italian BJJ open is the biggest tournament going down in Italy. We are very excited to get to compete in such a big event.

If you are traveling to Firenze to compete, tag along with us! We’re always looking to meet new BJJ-people