Our weekly training schedule calendar.



We like to stay busy, but our dynamic Google calendar should help you keep up with what’s happening week by week. Remember that for gi versus no-gi training, we alternate each week (in the advanced classes.)

What if don’t have a gi and I still want to come and train?

For the gi classes, we do require everyone to have a kimono. It’s important because the techniques and chokes we teach require the grips that the traditional gi uniform provides. If you don’t have a kimono, you can rent one from us (5€ per session) but please let us know before-hand so we can hook you up. You can send a gi rental request from here.

Where can I buy a gi?

bjjgear.com sells and internationally ships Brazilian Jiu Jitsu kimonos and other grappling-related equipment to Malta (we found it was a real pain getting our products shipped here until we starting using this company.) They also have great customer support, which is a bonus. The support can help you choose the right size; each company has their own sizing guidelines so keep this in mind, whoever you go with.

We actually wrote an awesome guide on how to buy a Gi.

That should help a lot… Talk to us if you have any problems or you want advice. See you on the mats!